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September 2005

Theater in Apsley gets a Boost

Yes, the centre of the universe Apsley Ontario now rivals great theatre cities such as London, New York and the Big Smoke Toronto; well ok that may have been a bit of an overstatement.  This is due to a Trillium foundation Grant that North Kawartha recently received (see official media release on page 7) to install portable stages and seating risers in the Apsley Arena.  Not only will this increase event capacity, but also site line and comfort. 

The Blackfly Theatre Group recently held an eight show run of “The Plays the Thing” by Ferenc Molnar and P.G. Wodehouse.  The stage and new seating risers were a great addition to this production.  For those of you who missed the show it was a “peach of a play”.  We are certainly looking for to their 2006 production.

The addition of the portable stages and risers will add significantly to the overall development of community theatre and other cultural events in the Village.

The Youth Committee’s dinner theatre that is being held this fall is a great example of the flexibility this offers, as they will be able to hold the dinner in the community centre, allowing them to complete the stage setup and the pre-play process in the arena without any interruptions.


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( Apsley Theatre continued ...)

Apsley Thespians
The Blackfly Theater Company Players
Back Row: Tim Fransky, Pippa Strachan,
Chris Legacy, and Michael Wendt

Front Row: Miriam Hookings, Daniel Boileau,
Paul Douglas, and Marnie Mackay

This community can look forward to an expanded run of Blackfly Theatre next year along with the Youth Committee’s version of “Grease” in June ’06 and many other shows and events that I am sure are in the planning stages.

The North Kawartha Township deserves a big pat on the back for this venture; what a great boost for Community Development!!

Kitchen Aides
Hollywood Hopefuls helping out!!
Christine Everett, Mike Jackson serving Bill Johnston (who secretly wants to be a Hollywood hopeful)

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