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September 2004 
Apsley & District Lions Club
A Pride of Lions

By Joan Forsyth

Lions Logo  The Apsley Lions Club was sponsored by the Lakefield Lions Club and received their charter in September, 1974. This year the Club will celebrate thirty years of service and dedication to the betterment of our community.

    But what are Lions?  Many people know them as volunteers, fund-raisers or even a social club.  They are probably all of the above.  Lions members believe you can help others and have a little social time too.  They are a group of dedicated volunteers who give their time to humanitarian causes in their local and world communities.  By giving their time for service projects and fundraising, Lions try to help wherever need exists, whether it be a community or personal need. Through the membership, Lions not only help needy causes but have opportunities to develop personal friendships and gain valuable leadership skills.

    In 1925, Helen Keller addressed the Lions at their International Convention, challenging them to become “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness”.  Since that time, service to the blind and visually impaired has become one of the association’s most significant activities.  In addition, Lions participate in service activities emphasizing diabetes awareness, work with the physically and mentally impaired, environmental issues, community welfare, international understanding and youth activities.  Each Club will take on projects that reflect the interests within their community, so each Club has a basic platform but has many branches on which to grow.

    Although the Apsley Club is located in a small and somewhat isolated hamlet, the members work diligently to provide necessary services within North Kawartha Township.  Whether it is raising funds for needy causes or community projects, the members strive to provide and place the funds where they are needed. The Club is governed by a Board of Directors but expenditures must be approved by the Club as a whole. Projects in our community have been many and varied.

Cheque presentation  

    Over the past thirty years the Club has: provided the first rescue truck in the county to our fire department, contributed to the expansion and improvements to the community centre and arena as well as spearheading the drive for safety glass around the ice area and purchased the first ice maker. Through the efforts of the late Lion Ed Lytle, the local ambulance service was started in 1988.  In recent years, the Club helped purchase and install a sound system in the Apsley Centre, improved the bar area and donated funds for paving the parking area.  The Lions sponsor Scouting in the area and provide financial support to many local groups, as well as providing assistance to individuals for disaster relief and help with assistive medical devices.

    The Apsley Lions sponsor the Canada Day parade and celebrations, as well as providing the grand fireworks finale. Each year they sponsor the Christmas parade, the giant Christmas tree and co-host the children’s Christmas party.

    The Club’s major fundraisers are the Wednesday night bingo at the Apsley Centre, the boat and motor draw and the giant flea market in July. Our current project is helping to provide the necessary funding for the renovation of the Medical Centre.

    Thanks to community support, the Apsley Lions Club is very busy and we will continue in our projects to uphold the Lion’s motto, “We Serve”.


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