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Artist of the Year
by Chuck Griffith
       Twenty years ago my wife Janice and I chose North Kawartha Township  as an area to cottage and to eventually retire. This decision was made partially  on the basis of the natural beauty of the area. This same natural beauty has attracted many people to our area including artist Rosslyn Reed.


     In fact our Township includes a large and growing artistic community, as exemplified by the Annual Studio Tour, which will be held this year on September 20 and 21 and will feature the works of local artists who work in a wide variety of art forms.


     Rosslyn was one of the original members of the planning committee that established the tour.

    She is fascinated with unpredictable patterns of colour variations on clay surfaces. Her special colourful glazes capture crystals like frost on a windowpane, and her artistic works have given her an international reputation. She has earned numerous awards and has taught at both Mohawk and Niagara Colleges.  Just this spring she received a County of Peterborough Award for her outstanding contribution to the Arts.

     She is particularly proud of her smoke-fired vessels , fired in wood with metal salt vapours which yield subtle flashings of colour on the soft burnished surfaces of pots.

    Rossyln loves the unpredictable in her work. Crystalline glazes and smoke fired vessels capture moments in the firing and no two completed works are the same. Crystalline glazes are among the most difficult and elusive of high-fired glazes. The patterns are unique and unpredictable and most often very beautiful. The forms are made of fine porcelain to ensure clarity and purity of colours.

    Rosslyn’s smoke fired forms are softly burnished and fired in sawdust and wood. Smoke and metallic salt vapours penetrate the porcelain and capture unique flashes of colour and pattern.

    Despite a recent reduction in her visual capabilities, Rosslyn continues to work each day in her well equipped studio on Chandos Lake which she established eleven years ago when she moved permanently to the area.


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