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By Jeff Sayers

Ever tried to plough thru the bureaucratic red tape that comes along with any government related endeavour? Well as you may know it simply doesn't work anywhere near as efficiently as you hope and expect, and we've all experienced this first hand with the ongoing attempts to get Apsley and North Kawartha connected to the world of high speed internet.
Installing high speed internet is quite an expensive procedure, and unfortunately there isn't an internet service provider in existence who is willing to bear the costs on their own - it simply wouldn't be profitable. So in order to get the high speed lines connected we need the project to be government subsidized, and that task is as easy as pinning a medal on the world's angriest bull.
While a basic need for broadband internet was shown with a few businesses - such as N.H. Wilson Building Supplies and associate broker Ambrose Moran (Re-Max) - purchasing equipment for high speed radio internet worth over $1000, more interest was needed in order to

convince those involved in the financial aspect. The County of Peterborough successfully conducted a survey in September that showed an interest in broadband internet from a minimum of 30 businesses in the area. This survey is for use in-part to convince a high speed internet provider to install the required equipment with the assistance of government funding. Unofficially, Apsley could see broadband internet within the year but it would only be within a certain distance of town - residences a distance from the center of town would likely not be connected until a later date. According to Shannon Hunter, North Kawartha C.A.O., the goal is for all residents in the township of North Kawartha to eventually have access to high speed internet, not just those who are close to Apsley.
With broadband internet in Apsley, we would likely see an increase in the technology in our area. The local population would expand as people who own and operate internet businesses would finally be able to move to the area, and we would see an economic increase as spending would increase in the area, being beneficial to everyone.
This boost in technology seems to already be starting, even before high speed internet has become a reality. New informative web sites have started becoming more popular. A modern, up-to-date community web site ( loaded with useful information for locals, seasonal residents and visitors has been created. As well, several businesses have obtained a new (or revamped an old) web site, including Wellington Street's e-store (, currently in development, which will be Apsley's first major retail business to open an online store where you can browse for and purchase products over the net. New technology-based businesses like Apsley Multimedia have opened their doors providing web site design and hosting services, email, and other digital media design. Along with this, the Apsley Voice is upgrading their technology as well. You will be able to find a business directory with direct links to the businesses' web site at the Apsley Voice web site ( in the near future.
So keep your fingers crossed, and support bringing broadband internet to Apsley however you can. Every vote will make a difference.

Apsley Voice Appreciation
By Liz Johnston

The Apsley Voice Appreciation was everything we hoped it would be. The legion was very helpful and helped us enormously to make the evening a success. The regular contributors all came out and each had a table to show their special interest. Folks meandered around meeting and greeting and indulging in the refreshments. I took great pleasure in introducing each contributor and thanking them for their help which gives the paper its special flavour. I was particularly pleased to introduce Jeff Sayers who has taken my place as editor and does a great job. Marsha Pace who has been our guide in this endeavor had some pleasing remarks to make as well as Neil Currie.

The crowd was entertained by poet Barrie Richardson who has faithfully sent poems over the last year. We are hopeful that we along with the North Kawartha Lifelong Learning Centre to produce a book of Barrie’s Poetry in the not too distinct future.

It has been almost 3 years since we started this paper and we look forward to the future under Jeff’s talented editorship. We will continue to publish this paper as we will do our part to keep the enterprise going.

Summer Leaves
By Barrie Richardson

The air's more clear, it has a taste
The forest green is lush
The waters shine like dancing pearls
The wind bows in a hush
The summer's glow (which came too slow)
Departs in earlier dusk

If we awoke from a longish sleep
We'd rise and know for certain
That summer's now in Indian time
E're nature draws the curtain
On games and joys and young men's toys
Of hanging out and flirtin'.

This glory time is so sublime
We o'erlook what lies ahead
November's mood, and climate rude
And winter's slush and dread
Brings snow and ice, and we think twice
Then add quilts upon the bed.

So we all should note beauty of
This season's interval
Bask in the sun (no bugs, what fun)
And walk the forest tall
When winter comes and stays too long
We'll recall late Summer's spree.

Canada, land of the strong,
A land that's worth seeing
Has ten months of winter,
And two of bad skiing.


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