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June 2005

North Kawartha Health Centre


by Cal Taillefer

North Kawartha has been very generous in its support of the new Medical Centre, but a new standard was reached in May when Terry and Stephanie Lippert made a $50,000 donation to the cause. They wanted to express their appreciation to the community and for the Medical Centre in particular, and chose this very generous way of expressing their appreciation. Terry and Stephanie, we thank you very much for your most generous donation. Now, isn't that a new standard for all those who can and are thinking of giving?

big hit

Telemedicine Equipment Demonstration

nurse and doctors
Nurse Karen Hickey, Technician Mandouh Mina, Dr. Wagg Rayes
Photo by Bill Johnston (pictured in monitor)


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by Warren Smith, Deputy Reeve

North Kawartha Health Centre is soon to benefit from two way videoconferencing through NORTH Network’s telemedicine program and The Teleprimary Care Project. The Teleprimary Care Project links nurse practitioners and their patients with collaborating physicians and other members of the interdisciplinary health care team using two-way video conferencing and medical peripheral devices. NORTH Network provides the leadership for the Project, which is funded through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Primary Health Care Transition Fund. Teleprimary Care uses the latest telediagnostic instruments – including digital stethoscopes, patient examination cameras, endoscopic equipment and digital imaging facilities – to examine and prescribe treatment so that a remote patient can “visit” their physician from their home community rather than having to travel. This technology has also been used to conduct patient consultations and education in cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, pediatrics, dermatology, general surgery and many other specialties.

NORTH Network collaborated with Dr. Garry Humphreys, Medical Officer of Health for the Peterborough County-City Health Unit to bring this high tech equipment to North Kawartha. Dr. Humphreys was aware of this technology being utilized in the remote and rural areas of Ontario and spoke to the Ministry of Health, suggesting that it would be a great service for areas such as Apsley, Keene and Havelock. NORTH Network developed and submitted the proposal for the Teleprimary Care Project to the Ministry of Health and the rest is history. We now have this technology installed in the North Kawartha Health Centre. The Ministry of Health has provided funding for NORTH Network and the Peterborough County City Health Unit to purchase the equipment, conduct the installation, and to provide ongoing maintenance and support. NORTH Network staff will be training Dr. Rayes and his Staff on the use of this videoconferencing technology in the very near future.

As Dr. Rayes supports two Nurse Practitioners in the Village of Keene, he will be able to see some patients without having to leave his office! Through NORTH Network, Dr. Rayes and his Staff will be able to access continuing education.

In the future, Dr Rayes will be able to refer his patients to specialists using telemedicine without the patient ever having to leave Dr. Rayes’ Office. The Specialist will be able to communicate to the patient and Dr. Rayes as well as being able to observe him or her on the video monitor. The Specialist will then be able to provide immediate advice to Dr. Rayes and the patient for possible further treatment. Patients at the North Kawartha Health Centre and their families will be able to reduce the number of expensive, time-consuming and sometimes, due to adverse weather conditions, hazardous trips they must take to receive specialized medical care. Dr. Rayes anticipates that this service will be available to our Community sometime in the fall.

A special thank you from the residents of our Community to Dr. Garry Humphreys for being instrumental in bringing this high tech service to North Kawartha. For more information, visit www.northnetwork.com.

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