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June 2004 

A second Garden Tour is now in the works. The first Garden Tour was a complete success with sold out tickets weeks before the tour day.   This second garden tour promises to be another great day of viewing SIX more fabulous gardens in the Apsley area.   The owners are graciously opening their gates for everyone on the tour to enjoy their lovely and individually unique creations.  

In areas like ours, gardeners come across a variety of challenging situations.  Sometimes is a really cold and late spring, maybe late or early frost, an extremely hot or wet summer, the ever present weeds, very sandy or acid soil, dense shade etc.   In this tour you will have the opportunity to get new ideas for your own gardens and how to outsmart all the little problems and learn that no matter the size or location, you can have a wonderful garden to work with and enjoy.  Like the old Chinese proverb says; "The one who plants a garden plants happiness". 

In 2002, as part of their celebration of 10 years in business, Patty and Larry Gregg originally conceived the Garden Tour Fundraiser.  Our local garden centre presented the Apsley Beautification Committee with a donation of more than a $1000.00.  This year they are pleased to announce that the recipient will be the Apsley Central School, to help with their commendable efforts to raise money for all the different needs of our students like field trips, classroom resources, curriculum resources, sports equipment and student enrichment programs.

The JACK LAKE LANDSCAPE GARDEN TOUR FUNDRAISER will be held rain or shine on Saturday July the 10'th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The tour pass includes a map,  a description of each of the beautiful gardens and a ballot for a chance to win a $ 100.00 Garden Centre Gift Certificate.  Advanced tickets are $10.00, with all proceeds to be donated to the Apsley Central School.  TICKETS ARE LIMITED to 200 so don't delay.  It is sure to be a great day!

garden tour

PLEASE NOTE:  Tickets will be for sale during the months of May and June at Jack Lake Landscape, 470 Jack Lake Road, Apsley.


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