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 Parks, Recreation & Birding
 Township of North Kawartha
Parks & Rec
July 2006
The Corporation of the Township of
Parks and Recreation Department

Box 550, 135 Burleigh Street
Apsley, Ontario  K0L 1A0
(705) 656-4922
Fax:  (705) 656-4446

email: g.geraldi@northkawartha.on.ca
Activities Galore!

Swim Program!

The Annual Red Cross Swim Program is gearing up for another successful year.  We will continue to offer Bronze Cross and Bronze Medallion lessons as well.  Registration forms can be downloaded from the Township website at  www.northkawartha.on.ca.  Please refer to calendar of events for Swim Lessons schedule.

The BlackFly Theatre Company will be presenting the play “The Big Hit” at the Apsley Community Centre during July and August.  The Saturday night shows will also include a dinner provided by the Resource Centre.

The Tennis Courts at Wilson Park will be receiving a facelift in June.  Therefore, the courts will be closed for approximately one week.  Prior to this, the courts will be available free of charge. After the resurfacing, memberships will be available on a daily or seasonal basis at the Big Cedar General Store or the Woodview General Store.  Plan a visit to this park and play some ball, tennis or let the kids play in the playground

Wilson Park Community Centre

Weekly Events:

Tuesday:        Cards                7:30 PM

Thursday:       Adult Social      12:30 - 4:00 PM

Special Event: Voices for Jesus July 29th.

Wilson Park Community Centre Special Events

  • Jul 29th, Sept 16th & Nov 18th Voices for Jesus Gospel
  • Dec 2nd    Children’s Christmas Party & Pot Luck Dinner
Wilson Park Tennis Courts-Daily or Seasonal Passes available at the Woodview General Store and the Big Cedar General Store.


Chandos Beach
July 3 to July 21 ( Afternoon Session )
Reg. at location July 3 from 11:30am - 1:00pm.

July 24 to August 11
( Morning & Afternoon Sessions )
Reg. at location July 24 from 9:00 to 10:30am.

Quarry Bay Beach   
July 3 to July 21 ( Morning Session )   
Reg. at location July 3 from 9:00 to 10:30am.

Fee Schedule:   
Red Cross Program
$ 40.00 one child / $ 70.00 two children* /
$ 95.00 three or more children*
* children must be of immediate family

LifeSaving Society
Bronze Medallion / Bronze Cross fee $ 110.00 per participant

Register at the above dates and locations or in advance at the Municipal Office located in Apsley.  

Forms available on our website at www.northkawartha.on.ca

** Note **
The first day of each 3 week session will be reserved for registration and scheduling.  There will be no swim lessons on this day. If you have registered in advance you will receive a phone call on this day notifying you of your lesson time. There will be no swim lessons on Monday August 7'th (Civic Holiday).
 Apsley Community Centre

Weekly Events:
Monday:    Walking Group          10:00 AM
Tuesday:    A.B.C. Seniors Club   Noon - 4:00 PM
Wednesday:    Walking Group    10:00 AM
                       Lions Bingo           7:00 PM
Friday:            Walking Group      10:00 AM

Apsley C.C. Special Events:
  • Jul 1st            Canada Day Celebration & Parade
  • Jul 15th            Lions Flea Market
  • Jul 20th            Trinity United Church Fundraising Dinner
  • Jul 26th to 29th        Black Fly Theatre
  • Aug 2nd to 5th       Black Fly Theatre
  • Aug 9th to 12th      Black Fly Theatre
  • Aug 24th                Library Ham Dinner
  • Aug 26th or Sep 16th     Resource Centre Day Fair-Lions Park
  • Sept 2nd        Live Concert-Asia (Bon Jovi Tribute Band)
  • Nov 4th            A.B.C. Seniors Craft Sale
  • December 3rd        Christmas Parade & Party

Glen Alda Community Centre

Weekly Events:
Wednesday:    Glen Alda Seniors Wed 10:00AM - 4:00 PM
                        2nd & 4th Wednesday of the Month
Friday:             Bridge             2:30 PM to 5:00 PM          

On the Watch

by June Hitchcox  Hitchcox, June


Loons, the most ancient surviving species of birds, 60 million years, are the first birds in the field guides because bird books are organized starting with the most ancient and ending with the latest to have evolved.  Because their powerful legs are attached so far back on the body, they can’t walk on land and are only able to push themselves along. For this reason, they spend their lives in the water, coming ashore only to breed and to nest.  Nor can they take flight from land but must gallop along on the water for as much  as a quarter mile before take-off, flying with head low and feet trailing out behind, giving a humped-back appearance.  In the water, they excel.  With their powerful webbed feet and wings folded, they move at an astonishing speed, pursuing frogs, leeches, zigzagging fish (not game fish such as trout that swim in a straight line), kicking backwards with one leg and forward and out to the side with the other. Solid bones for weight and an ability to compress their feathers, allow them, at will, to ride low in the water and to dive more than 265 feet.  Constant preening is critical for their watery life: it’s comical to watch as they roll over on one side with one foot waving in the air.  Human interference distracts the parents, allowing predators such as raccoons, turtles and gulls to get to their eggs and chicks.  Discarded fishing lines, plastic six-pack carriers etc. can entangle them. Waves from boats swamp nests, drown eggs and separate the chicks from their parents.  With care, we will continue to enjoy our Loons – chosen in 1988 by our school children as Ontario’s Official Provincial Bird.


"Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand."

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