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School Notes, Local News and The Apsley Bard

Important  Notice
to all Patients of Dr. Rayes

Information is available in the Medical Centre concerning the rostering of Dr. Rayes patients for the new family health network.

If you would like to enroll, stop in at his office to fill out a form or pick up some information there and speak with his staff.

Everyone is welcome...and bring your questions!!

Apsley Public School
... A Note from the Principal

by Susan Matthews

Many thanks to the people, businesses and families of Apsley for the great year and the continued support you have shown the school.  The school year quickly came to a close.  I recently compiled a list of our accomplishments this year for Superintendent Hick and he was pleased and surprised at the number of initiatives that we have undertaken this school year.  Included in the list were the support of Terry Fox Run, Pedal for Hope, our attendance at the Remembrance Day Ceremony, Principals Coffee hour on Friday mornings at 9, Basket Raffle, Plant Sale, Chocolate sales, sports teams, purchase of an Interactive Whiteboard, Christmas concert, various plays and groups to visit us, our involvement in Video Conferencing, the addition and implementation of the Apsley Community Inclusionary team and the many successes that the children have made academically.

I would like to thank the teachers for their hard work and dedication to the profession and their continued support of the students, each other and myself.  They are all remarkable people with wonderful gifts to offer the school.  I would also like to thank the School Council for their ideas, support, interest in a child’s education and the time that they have given to the school over the last year.  I would especially like to thank Robin Trotter as Council Chair for her never-ending energy and enthusiasm for the things we do for kids. It would be great to have lots of help and parental support for council to ensure the school is able to support all that we need to help our children be successful.
Our First meeting will be in September and all are invited and welcome to be there.

Please watch the Community Center sign for an August date to have Police Checks done.  We have arranged for the OPP to come to Apsley once again.  Having your Volunteer Record Check completed here ensures that it will return to you the same day in Apsley. We look forward to you Volunteering in the school.

Next year should be equally exciting as we continue to look forward to the building of the new school.  We look forward to seeing you in September as you continue to show an interest in Apsley public school.

Editors note:  What a driving force Principal Matthews has been in getting communication and participation back on track between the school staff, kids and the community.  Great Job Susan!!
Apsley Legion Donates $4400.00
to the North Kawartha Medical Centre

by Reeve Jim Whelan

At their annual Honors and Awards ceremony on May 7th Al Seamans president of the Apsley Legion presented a cheque to Cal Taillefer chair of the fundraising committee for the North Kawartha Health Centre. Al stated that the Legion was pleased to be able to contribute such a large amount to such a worthwhile project.

Cal thanked the Legion and stated that the $350,000 campaign was now within $80,000 of its goal and that he was planning a wrap up in August.

Reeve Jim Whelan expressed appreciation to the Legion for their co-operation working on projects over the last 2 years with Al and expressed his congratulations to incoming president Don Grant and looks forward to working with him in the year to come.

Whelan also thanked the Legion and advised that he knew how strapped the Legions are for cash, and everyone in North Kawartha would benefit from their generous donation.


Volunteers Needed!!

by Caroline Elder
IMP – North Kawartha Representative

Peterborough County: Ontario’s Premier Rural Expo is coming to the Peterborough area this September. Excitement is building for the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo 2006, which will take place from Tuesday, September 19 to Saturday, September 23, 2006 at Mather’s Corners, just west of the village of Keene, south of Peterborough. The event is a celebration of the rich agricultural history of Ontario, where everyone comes together at the time of the fall harvest.

The IPM and Rural Expo is the largest event ever to be staged in Peterborough County, with more than 100,000 people expected. The economic impact on the local economy is anticipated to be over $25 million.

The Rural Expo will consist of commercial, governmental, cultural and educational exhibits, antique machinery, demonstrations, an artisan marketplace, food, horse shows, live entertainment, the Queen of the Furrow competition and more. All combine to showcase and celebrate the importance of agriculture in our lives. Visitors will discover the “world next door” - the rural, agricultural and natural world that is just beyond the limits of the cities, towns and villages where we live, work and play.

Volunteers are needed in all areas of the county exhibit.  If you would like to get involved in this exciting event, please pick up a volunteer application form at the new North Kawartha Township Offices, 280 Burleigh Street or contact Amanda Dibbits at ADibbits@county.peterborough.on.ca.  Visit www.PeterboroughIPM.ca for more details today!

The Apsley Bard


There is absolutely nothing quite so blessed fine,
As blue skies, sparkling waters, and everyday sunshine
As glorious as winters pass with snowy scene displays
There’s no more heavenly season than these lazy summer days.

Bare toes are free to feel the pad of fresh-mown grass
Cool drinks bead rivulets upon their frosty icy glass
Cicadas buzz, send back our thoughts to long gone childhood tricks
When time we’d bide, cowboys would ride on horses made of sticks

A teenage summer had its games of magic under stars
Hormonal boys and wary girls would ride in roof-less cars
Duck-cut hair, jeans, boots and shirt were plumage of the male
While every girl’s parents wanted every boy in jail.

We somehow morphed to adults maybe smarter now than dumber
And how we got to where we are, is seen through eyes of summer
Our fondest thoughts are days we spent that were so warm and sweet
Of memories of a woods or lake, or friends on tree-lined streets.

There is absolutely nothing quite so blessed fine,
As blue skies, sparkling waters, and everyday sunshine
Our lives return each June again and speak nostalgic sighs
We’re older now, and golf, like girls, is scored with small white lies.
Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

© 2006 Barrie P. Richardson

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