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July 2005

North Kawartha Kids get a Kick out of Soccer (or is it football?)

by Lannie Reynolds

It all started back in 1996, when the amazing Gary Geraldi of our Parks & Recreation Department started  the North Kawartha Soccer League.  Back then, Gary wore several different hats trying to make a go of it.  Today there are six teams with many volunteers involved who help make this league a success.

soccer kids
N.H. Wilson vs. Apsley Ice Cream - its Mayhem

I had the pleasure of coaching a mini soccer team aged 4 to 6 (with a 3 year old tossed in for luck), and when I say coached, what I really mean is I pointed in which direction the kids should run.  The kids spent most of their time playing in the grass, building sand castles, and socializing, with a little bit of soccer tossed in.  Spending a few Thursday evenings watching this was priceless; you have to search long and hard to find this kind of quality entertainment.  I don’t know who enjoyed themselves more the kids or the parents.


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soccer kiddies

The toughest game came around week four… N.H. Wilson vs. Apsley Ice Cream Store.  It was a hard fought game, with the players on each team fighting valiantly not to go see the puppies that someone brought. Lets just say the half-time break was a little bit longer than scheduled.

If you get a chance to come out to any one of next years games do it, you won’t be disappointed.

soccer kid

Volunteer Coaches were; Ernie Hill, Kelly Parberry, Scott Jeff, Earl Hickey and Gord Earnshaw, and Lannie Reynolds

Volunteer Referees were; Jason Geraldi, Kyle Geraldi, Andrew James, Sam Roter and Eric Roter.

A big thank you to all of the sponsors; N.H. Wilson, Apsley Ice Cream Store, Donia’s Tim-Br Mart, Hunter’s General Store, the Apsley Lions Club, and Sayers IGA, along with the parents and all who helped to make this a great year.  I hope to see everyone on the field in ’06!

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