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July 2004 
Your Health!  Your Community!

Carl T
by Carl Taillefer

    Plans for a new North Kawartha Medical Centre are underway after a long process of review and identification by the current and previous Council and Health Task Force.

   This process included consideration of various reports and studies related to the medical centre and fundraising, visits to present medical centres, choosing and meeting with the architect, deputations from ratepayers, and discussions with Dr. Rayes and Dr. Semotok.

    A number of issues and concerns were identified and brought before the Task Force including the following:  location of present medical centre, soil suitability, septic system, water, heating and cooling system, wiring, parking, reception area, barrier-free washrooms, storage, and suitable space for a nurse practitioner and other health professionals.

    Consultant’s reports, County-City Health Unit input, soil testing, and the architect’s conceptual design have addressed all of the above concerns.  As a result, it was agreed to remain at the present site (Burleigh Street, Apsley) and do a major renovation of the existing structure with an addition that would then see the area approximately doubled with improved function and access that would accommodate present and future needs.  This would be accomplished at an estimated cost of $308,000.  It is hoped that tenders for construction be let by August.

    In the meantime, a Capital Campaign Fundraising Committee has been set up.  Cal Taillefer (member of the present and previous Health Task Force, and recent recipient of the Peterborough and area Volunteer of the Year Award) has agreed to chair this committee.  His various experiences in fundraising and his 14-year involvement with the very successful Festival of Trees, will be an asset to our

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Floor Plan
venture.  Cal will be assisted by vice-chairs Jeannie Crowe, Katie Jackson, and Dan Corner.  This steering committee will then be assisted by an army of volunteers who will carry out the fundraising through a variety of special events and direct solicitation.  However, in order to facilitate financial viability, funding for the project will be approached from the point of view of a “joint venture” with some combination of community fundraising and township funding.

    The campaign will kick off at the first official fundraiser:  a dinner/dance on June 19 in the Community Centre.  This has been planned by Pat Carlos and an able group of enthusiasts.  A 50’s theme promises fun and prizes.

    This campaign was actually launched by two special gifts:  a large tract of land adjacent to the present medical centre site donated by Rosalee McColl and a commitment from the Lions’ Club for $30,000 to be spread over the three years of the operation.  The Committee will now be ready for public participation and have developed the following recognition opportunities for donors:

Cornerstone  $30,000 
Brick $100

    Although all gifts are gratefully received and are tax receiptable, only the above categories will be recognized on the donor wall.  The recognition can be given in the form of:  name, family name, memorium, etc.

    If you have any further questions or would like to volunteer or have fundraising ideas, please contact any member of the Capital Campaign Committee through the municipal office of the Township of North Kawartha (705) 656-4445 or (800) 755-6931.


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