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February / March 2004 
Kawartha Nordic Ski Club - Peace and Exhilaration 

by Susan Sauve

forest ski trail
Photo provided by Susan Sauve

You’ve done the trek hundreds of times, headed up from Lakefield to Apsley.  You note the lovely Burleigh Falls, look for evidence of “Haultain” when passing the sign, and follow the curve up and around the bend.  You then notice a small lane and a yellow sign off to the right - Kawartha Nordic Ski Club - Public Skiing.  You wonder - what is really in there and what’s it all about?  Is it really open to the public?

  Yes, it really is open to the public.  The Club has been operating since 1975 and is so beloved by its members, that many of the original founders are still active in the club today.  Activities have evolved over the years, and the trails have too.  Until the late 1980's, the northern trail came right into Apsley and there was a great Canadian ski race held every year featuring world class skiers.  Unreliable snow conditions led to the end of the big races, but the local skiers are still ever drawn to the trails.

   Located in the Peterborough Crown Game Preserve just 10 minutes south of Apsley, there are 40 km of trails, 30 km are groomed and 10 km are marked wilderness trails.  There are four cabins along the trails, all with wood stoves and cut wood ready to go.  No mechanized machines, other than the grooming machines are permitted on the trails, so amongst the grand pines and quiet snow, you will find a sense of tranquility rarely matched.     The silence is interrupted briefly by a woodpecker, then  a chicadee, and occasionally a deer will bound through the forest just ahead of you.

  As a sport, cross-country skiing is wonderful.  At the trails, you can do traditional nordic skiing, or really get your heart rate up by trying skate skiing, the technique used by most competitive skiers today.  Skiing is one of the best sports you can do because you use all parts of your body and get your heart rate up to a moderate rate for a fairly long period of time.  You can go at your own pace for as short as 1 km and up to 30 km. 

 There is hot chocolate at the cabin by the parking lot, so you can rehydrate and warm up before the drive home.  New skiers and members are most welcome.  Season passes (memberships) are available for $75 per family per year and day passes can be purchased in the parking lot.  The cost for day passes is $8/person or $20/family.  Fees go towards club costs such as fuel for grooming equipment, cabin repairs and plowing the parking lot. 
  If you are looking to improve your skiing technique, the club offers various lessons and workshops for different age groups.If you want to check the condition of the trails, you can look on our website located at:
www.x-c.com/clubs/kawartha or call 749-5605.  Hope to see you on the trails!!
ski cabin
Vintage photo provided by Bill Johnston

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