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December 2005 / January 2006


North Kawartha Medical Centre Welcomes
Nurse Practitioner Jeanne Brown

by Shannon Hunter

North Kawartha Township welcomed a new member to their health team on November 14th, when Jeanne Brown took up the position of nurse practitioner. Dr. Wag Rayes is quoted as saying “I am very pleased to welcome Jeanne. I know she will be a real asset to the people of North Kawartha and I look forward to working with her.” Reeve Jim Whelan said he is amazed by the scope of practice that she brings to the position.

The nurse practitioner can:
o    Provide comprehensive primary health care to a diverse population of patients
o    Work in a complementary and collaborative role with physicians
o    Communicate a diagnosis of disease or disorder
o    Order specific lab tests, x-rays, and ultrasounds
o    Prescribe a limited range of drugs
o    Provide wellness care and health screening, gynecological services, information about/guidelines for infant growth and development, etc.
o    Diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries, such as strep throat, infections, sprains
o    Screen for the presence of chronic illnesses and monitor stable chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and asthma
o    Refer patients for further consultation
o    Administer preventive medicine (identify risk factors, etc.)

From Jeanne:

Most of my experience in nursing has been in critical care in the emergency rooms of Toronto East General and St. Michael’s Hospitals in Toronto and in the Peterborough Regional Health Centre ER. I also have experience in women's health, nursing education at Trent/Fleming, and I was a casual “set medic” for the movie industry. During my nurse practitioner training I was fortunate to work in a family practice setting in Peterborough and in the emergency room of Campbellford Memorial hospital.

These experiences have been invaluable in helping me prepare for my new role as a nurse practitioner. I live just outside of Lakefield on a little farm with my partner Mark, an extremely hairy dog named “Puddie,” six budgies, and a few pet chickens. My son, Brendan, is in Thunder Bay studying hard at Lakehead University and will become a great biologist one day. A favorite pass time of mine is birding, This year I will try again to participate in the annual Peterborough Christmas bird count.

I feel very privileged and excited to be working with Dr. Rayes, Karen, and Joanne at the North Kawartha Medical Centre.  North Kawartha has the reputation of possessing a great community spirit and I look forward to meeting all of its members.

Open House: On Thursday December 15th, 2005 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, come and tour the newly renovated Health Centre. This event will be hosted by our health team and will give you and Jeanne an opportunity to meet each other. Reeve Jim Whelan expressed the feeling of all who have met Jeanne when he said “Welcome to North Kawartha, Jeanne.”

Raisin Brown
Dr. Wag Rayes welcomes Nurse Practitioner Jeanne Brown

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