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The Evolution of Religion
and The Power Of Pursuance

► By Barrie Richardson

    Heading into the Christmas season, we find ourselves unable to avoid the emphasis on gifts, parties, and the music and rhyme of the Dickensian Christmas.  We extend each other wishes containing references to Peace on Earth and goodwill to men.
    Our seasonal patron saint is a red-suited, jolly, well-fed, white man.
    Obscured by this imposed blanket of sentiment and nostalgia, is that the entire holiday commemorates the birth of the Christian savior, in the little town of Bethlehem, deep inside the most conflict-ridden territory on earth;  It is ironic in both geography and events, and demonstrates the idiocy of mixing causes with guns.
    Almost since the founding of Christianity war has featured either the defence or the promotion of all faiths.  The Crusades, the Moorish invasions, stealing the New World all wreaked violence in the name of a god on the unknowing or the objecting.    The Holocaust was perpetrated by Christians.  Sadly, the jolly, fat white guy still made his rounds while Auschwitz smoked.   If ever Christmas was severed from its religious intent, it was then.
    As we read this, there is a conflict under way in the birthplace of Christendom, that involves 3 major religions in the world; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Under the cover name of ‘oil’ or ‘democracy’, humans are at war and although each of the causes professes Faith, Hope and Love, it seems the preferred voice for spreading The Word, is the rattle of gunfire.  Lying, terror and murder are the instruments of imposing Peace on Earth where the various faiths come into friction.
    Perhaps the most comfortable means of enjoying Christmas in our “here and now” way, is to finally separate the birth of Jesus, from the non-secular celebrations.  Let joyful materialism run free.  We can have our turkey and toys without guilt.  To those who desire that the religious significance reign supreme, we could suggest that they first stop killing people under religious sponsorship.
     The drive of religion to improve the spiritual could be  better applied to provide Peace, Order and health protection; making opportunity accessible through channels other than those controlled by the cabals, fraternities and alliances of existing privilege; and that we acquire gold, land, food, and oil through honest dealing.
    In this paradigm, it matters not which religion or feast-day we observe.  Let us celebrate our Christmas festivities free from the application of religious cant.  As heretical as this sounds it is the only way to rationalize what is otherwise hypocritical. The Muslim should celebrate Ramadan, the Jew should have Chanukah while the philistines in every faith can make war for whatever reason their paid liars can promote.  This minor moral schizophrenia can actually make us feel better.
    The Christmas we know, should be a truly happy, blissful time, without spiritual strings attached.  It is for the child in all of us.  Bring on the red-suited, bearded, jolly, well-fed, white guy.   Go forth and celebrate. 


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    From as long ago as ancient druid tradition, the mistletoe was seen as a sign of peace and goodwill. Warring tribes who chanced across it would stop fighting to observe a temporary truce. Today, many cultures use mistletoe as a symbol of love and fertility. According to most current day traditions, a young woman simply stands under the mistletoe and awaits her lover's kiss, however gentlemen beware as in some European cultures kissing a woman under mistletoe is a proposal of marriage!

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