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December 2003 / January 2004 
Cottage Country Computer Club
cottage country computer club
Executive left to right: Vic. Pres. - Richard Hobson, President - Bruce Wynn,
Treasurer - Jim Richmond & Secretary - Julie Poole (seated)
By Julie Poole

The Cottage Country Computer Club had its origins in the mid to late 1990’s.  A small group of interested computer users started to gather at the Glen Alda Community Centre to share mutual interests and learn from each other.  John Chapman, Sr. was the “technical” leader and the first President of the Club.  Along with Neil Rogers, Harold Forbes, Chuck and Janice Griffith and a few others, they started to meet monthly to learn and exchange information and ideas.

    The meetings were very informal and topics included both hardware and software issues.  Windows 95 was the current Operating System and the Intel Pentium II running at 300 Mega Hertz was the latest hardware in 1997-1998.  John had long been interested in home computers.  John and Neil were amateur radio enthusiasts and the extension from “ham radio” into computers seemed a natural progression.

    Gradually, the group increased in size, and members decided the time had come to adopt a bit more formalized structure and a simple Constitution and By-Law were adopted.  Chuck Griffith was the second President, and held the position for three years.  John Greenwood took over from Chuck for one year, and Bruce Wynd is the current President.  The group continues to meet regularly on a monthly basis, excepting the summer months of July and August.

     Internet Access for the Apsley area had its beginnings in the Computer Club.  Janice Griffith wrote the original grant proposal to the Federal Government, and the grant received made it possible to work with Bancom in providing access to the World Wide Web.  The grant also made it possible to secure high speed connections at the Library and to start the Life Long Learning Centre.  People like Bill Dulmage and Terry Youmans, through their outstanding volunteer efforts, made all this possible.  The Internet Access Committee, which Janice Griffith chaired, was instrumental not only in the securing of Internet Access, but also in the establishing of computer training at the Library.  All of these benefits can be traced directly to the work of the Computer Club.

    Meetings continue to present information of interest to the members who typically average 18 to 25 in number at meetings.  Subjects now cover things like the Internet, Digital Photography, Virus Protection and Hardware considerations to name just a few of the topics.  There is a question and answer period at each meeting to allow for the interchange of problems and experience between attendees.

    Meetings are open to the public and are held on the first Thursday of the month at either the Apsley Library or the Glen Alda Community Centre (members are advised in advance, of the location of the next meeting).  Membership is just $10. per family per year.  At the last meeting of the season in June and in December, we meet at Glen Alda for a Pot Luck Supper which is always a big success and enjoyed by all.  New members are always welcome. 

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